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Company Profile

Since its start in 1986, T.E.P. Inc. has always provided first class quality and customer service. Thermal/Acoustical Insulation materials have undergone a significant advance over the years. T.E.P. Inc. has advanced right along with the materials and industries it serves. As more new and existing industries discover the benefits of Removable/Reusable Insulation, T.E.P. Inc. utilizes new technologies to meet the demand.

T.E.P. Inc. utilizes two fully functioning facilities capable of bidding, measuring, designing, and manufacturing your custom Insulation Blankets. Both the California and North Dakota facilities share cutting edge technology. T.E.P. Inc. uses a highly evolved custom CAD program to design your Energy-Wrap Insulation Covers, ensuring a perfect custom fit.

Another advantage to T.E.P. Inc.’s Energy-Wrap Removable/Reusable Insulation is the amount of waste we save from ending up in a landfill. Many times the conventional insulation needs to be removed for maintenance or inspection and new insulation must be put back in its place.

The result is a large amount of waste material ending up in a landfill. Energy-Wrap Systems can be removed and replaced several times for maintenance and inspection.

At today’s energy prices Removable/Reusable Insulation Systems pay for themselves extremely fast. Not only does T.E.P. Inc.’s Energy Wrap System save customers money by conserving energy, Energy Wrap Systems offer significant savings over conventional applications because they require far fewer labor hours to remove and reinstall. The more often they are removed and reinstalled, the more you save.

Another advantage that allows T.E.P. Inc. covers to offset their cost is through the savings of labor and materials. Labor and material prices are getting higher, and it becomes very expensive to remove and replace conventional insulation. T.E.P. Inc. systems can be removed and replaced easily for maintenance and inspection saving money that would have been spent on re-installation labor, materials, and lost time.


  • NIA


    TEP Inc. is a proud member of several insulation associations dedicated to quality and customer service. One such organization is, NIA (National Insulation Association). NIA consists of insulation contractors, manufacturers, distributors, laminators and fabricators. NIA represents the mechanical and specialty insulation industry in the United States, and funds many high quality programs increasing awareness of the benefits of insulation.

  • MICA


    Another of TEP Inc.’s affiliations is with MICA (Midwest Insulation Contractors Association). As a member of MICA, TEP Inc. is part of an established association made up of commercial and industrial insulation contractors, manufacturers and distributors. MICA is responsible for the creation of the National Commercial and Industrial Insulation Standards Manual. As an organization they are committed to safety and technical education information.

  • WICA


    WICA (Western Insulation Contractors Association) is the voice of the insulation industry in the west, and TEP Inc. is proud to be a member.

    WICA is comprised of thirteen western states, and several Canadian members. It represents all contractors, associates, and affiliates of the insulation and abatement industry in the west. WICA is proactively committed to its members providing them more business opportunities, as well as contractor education, collaboration, and networking.

  • ASES


    ASES, American Solar Energy Society was established in 1954 and is the leading association for solar professionals, grass root supporters, and advocates. ASES leads in national efforts to increase the use of solar energy, energy efficiency and other sustainable technologies in the U.S. with 40 chapters nationwide as well as the U.S. section of the International Solar Energy Society.

  • SEIA


    SEIA, Solar Energy Industries Association was established in 1974 and works to expand the use of solar technology. SEIA played a central role in integrating solar energy into the energy saving policies know today by strengthening research and development and improving education throughout the world.


Members of TEP Inc.’s staff have undergone training through the NIA’s accredited training program, and are licensed, “Certified Insulation Energy Appraisers”. This allows TEP Inc. the ability to evaluate the thermal performance of insulated or under-insulated processes in facilities, and diagnose the applicable amount of insulation needed on un-insulated processes.

TEP Inc. emphasizes the importance of safety and health, and gives safety training and requirements top priority at all times. TEP Inc. consistently meets all safety policies and procedures established by the Safety and Health Programs of their customers.

Industries Served

Power Generation

Since 1986 TEP has been servicing utility power plants and cogeneration facilities. We have completed numerous removable insulation blankets for steam turbines, gas turbines, and all specialized equipment in this industry. From the largest complete new plant to a small outage we have the expertise and capability to handle your project.


In the petroleum/refinery market, TEP has supplied removable insulation blankets for new refineries in Venezuela, gas plants in WY, offshore oil platforms off the coast of CA, crude oil pipeline pumping stations through the heartland of the United States, and numerous projects in between. We can meet your removable insulation cover needs on time and on budget.


TEP services the special needs of various types of chemical and process facilities. We have experience recommending the correct component materials based on the operating environment, and experience of fabricating insulation blankets that will last in these harsh operating environments.


TEP has been the leading supplier of removable insulation blankets in this fast growing ethanol industry. We offer the service of labeling the product for the insulation contactors that act as our distributors. Through the use of our specialized design software, nesting programs to minimize material waste, and cad-cam cutting machines to cut fabric and insulation, we can fabricate large removable insulation cover orders much more cost-effectively than if the project were to be handled on site.

Plastic Injection/Molding

TEP supplies insulation blankets for the various machines used in this industry. Removable covers over the heating bands on these machines will reduce energy cost, heat up, and cycle times. A 6 month or less return on investment is common in this application.


TEP was proud to be a team-member in the Stealth fighter and bomber program. We have supplied specialized insulation blankets for components used in the manufacture of solar panels on the Mars rover, and other applications in the composite industry.


TEP fabricates components for equipment aboard nuclear submarines. With computerized cad cam cutting accuracy to 2/100 of an inch, we have the ability to exactly reproduce patterns, and can meet the requirements of these specialized applications.

Engine Exhaust

TEP fabricates high temperature “exhaust-wrap” blankets for a large number of diesel engine exhaust piping, turbo chargers, and catalytic converters. Typical applications are for package cogeneration units, standby generators, engine exhaust systems for mass transit, marine, mining, forestry, and agriculture.

Solar Generation

TEP fabricates both flexible “solar-wrap” insulation blankets and aluminum-jacketed expansion joints for this growing “green-industry” application. We are pleased to be part of this market and feel it fits well with our motto of “A better tomorrow through conservation today”.